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PA TV teaches kids: All of Israel will be replaced by "Palestine"

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

Three episodes of PA TV children’s program teach children that all of Israel will be replaced by “Palestine”:
Sabrin, girl singer: "We are going [abroad] to send a message to everyone, that there are Palestinian children, that we are still alive. Some people abroad think, 'No, they're dead. There's only Israel, there's no such thing as Palestine.' No, we say that Palestine exists, and Palestine will return to us, and there is no such thing as Israel."
PA TV host: "Bravo!"
Sabrin: "There is something called the occupied lands."
Host: "Bravo, bravo bravo!"

[Official PA TV, May 16, 2014]

PA TV host: "Alma has brought drawings with her, a map of Palestine – can you see the map of Palestine? All of it will return to us, Allah willing. All of this map will return to us. The key (symbol of Palestinian ownership of all of the land Israel). It's upside down. All of this map, friends, will return to us. Right, Alma?"
Alma: "Right."
Host: "All of it is ours, right?"
Alma: "Yes."
Host: "Even if they took it from us, we will take it back one day, right?"
Alma: "Right."

TV host holds a map of "Palestine" replacing all of Israel

[Official PA TV, May 16, 2014]

Boy recites a poem: "I swear, my homeland,
I will not forget Beit Shean, Acre and Tiberias (i.e., cities in Israel)
Can I forget Lod and Ramle? Can I forget the golden Jaffa (i.e., cities in Israel)?
Can I forget Jenin of Al-Qassam (i.e., leader of Muslim terror group)?
Can I forget Arab Jerusalem?"
PA TV host: "Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! Bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo! Who told you we will forget Haifa, Jaffa, Acre and Jerusalem? We will never forget them - we won’t forget any of our beautiful cities occupied by the occupation. We will return to them one day. They will return to us one day, my children friends. I want to take this opportunity to send a greeting to all of our friends in the 1948 lands (i.e., Israel), our occupied lands."

[Official PA TV, May 2, 2014]

Girl reads a poem: "Many polytheists have conquered Jerusalem…
And now its original inhabitants cannot enter it.
Alas for the refugees who were banished from the cities and villages of Palestine that is called Israel today."
PA TV host: "Bravo, bravo, bravo... I want to tell you, my children friends, that the land that was stolen from us - the occupied land - will return to us one day. We will continue to defy the occupation and will continue to stand firm against the occupation until our land returns to us and Jerusalem is ours... Do you know where our friend Yahya is from? Tell them."
Boy: "From the Ramle district"
PA TV host: "From the Ramle district - our stolen lands, our occupied lands to which we will return one day. We will return to them, right?
Girl: Of course."

[Official PA TV, April 25, 2014]

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