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PA responds to Netanyahu: Israel, not the PA, "is the one inciting its children to murder, hate"

“The [PA] Ministry of Information considers the latest slanderous statement made by the Prime Minister of the occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu, according to which ‘the Palestinians are educating their children with endless propaganda, calling for the disappearance of Israel,’ as an extreme falsification and a distortion of the facts.
Yesterday [May 17, 2014], the Ministry emphasized that Netanyahu and his choir are trying, as they usually do when an opportunity arises, to skip over the facts and evade admitting that the occupation is the basis of the incitement, and that it is the one inciting its children to murder, hate and defame, while the settlers boast of training their youth in the use of weapons, using images of Palestinians as targets, and sow hatred and enmity in them against all that is Palestinian.
The Ministry added: ‘Netanyahu’s claim is ridiculous, and nobody in his right mind will believe it, since a state that has been occupying a land for 66 years, that has obliterated over 400 Palestinian towns and villages, and killed, wounded and arrested over a million Palestinians, cannot talk about incitement.’
The Ministry called on national, Arab and international media outlets to refrain from conveying Netanyahu’s statements without noting the horrific acts that the occupation state has and continues to perpetrate against our people.”
From WAFA, official PA news agency