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Columnist in official PA daily: "I hope Iran and Hezbollah... will rain tens of thousands of missiles a day on Israel"

Op-ed by Jihad Al-Khazen , originally published in the Al-Hayat daily:
 “The nuclear talks between Iran and the six powers in Geneva ended last week in failure, and the sides set July 20 as the new final date [for reaching an agreement]…
[Israeli PM Benjamin] Netanyahu, the terrorist, [lives] in an occupying state that kills, destroys and expels, has a nuclear arsenal and chemical weapons; and then he demands that Syria’s chemical weapons be dismantled and threatens war on Iran if it doesn’t abandon its nuclear program. The US is conducting negotiations [with Iran] on Israel’s behalf, since it is inconceivable that Iran could threaten US security, either today or a thousand years from now.
I followed the negotiations until they failed, and read in the Likud’s American media: ‘Is it possible to trust Ahmadinejad with an unlimited arsenal of nuclear weapons?’ And I say: Yes, I trust Ahmadinejad a thousand times more than I trust Netanyahu and the war criminals in his government. Furthermore, Ahmadinejad is no longer president of Iran, and never will be again, and the current president, Hassan Rouhani, is known for his moderation…
Of course, Israel opposes the entire Iranian nuclear program and threatens to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities alone, if the six powers do not agree with what it wants. Personally, I hope Israel does attack Iran, because then Iran and Hezbollah will rain tens of thousands of missiles a day on Israel.”

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