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DFLP member brags on PA TV about successful terror attacks

Official PA TV program Memory of the ‎Homeland hosted Democratic Front ‎political bureau member Ramzi Rabah
Democratic Front political bureau member ‎Ramzi Rabah: “If we want to talk about the ‎national aspect, the importance [of] ‎national ‎‏]‏action], the confrontations with ‎the occupation – that was the height [of ‎the period], that was the best time, during ‎which we carried out many quality ‎operations (i.e., terror attacks), which ‎penetrated borders, entered deep and ‎struck at Israeli regions, facilities and ‎bases, like the Ma’alot operation, the ‎Tiberias operation, Dalal Mughrabi’s ‎coastal operation, the Beit She’an ‎operation, Ein Ziv, the Kiryat Shmona ‎operation – operations that struck deep at ‎the institutions and at the heart of the ‎occupation’s home, institutions and bases ‎‎– the Night of the Gliders operation; all ‎these operations were carried out during ‎this period, during which the Palestinians ‎invented and developed, with Lebanese ‎aid, methods of struggle which caused ‎great damage to the enemy.”‎

Notes:‎ The DFLP (Democratic Front for the ‎Liberation of Palestine) has carried out ‎numerous terror attacks, including the Ma’alot ‎massacre in which 22 schoolchildren and 4 ‎adults were killed (May 15, 1974), the Avivim ‎school bus massacre, in which 9 children and 3 ‎adults were killed (May 22, 1970), the Kiryat ‎Shmona massacre (18 killed, April 11, 1974), ‎the Beit Shean attack (4 killed, Nov. 19, 1974), ‎the Jaffa street bombing in Jerusalem (7 killed, ‎Nov. 13, 1975) the Tiberias bombing (2 high ‎school students killed, May 15, 1979), the Night ‎of the Gliders (in which two terrorists infiltrated ‎Israel from Lebanon using hang gliders, killing ‎‎6 Israeli soldiers on Nov. 25, 1987), and the ‎Geha junction suicide bombing near Tel Aviv ‎‎(4 killed, Dec. 25, 2003.) The DFLP has ‎participated in and claimed responsibility for ‎dozens of other terror attacks.‎

Dalal Mughrabi led the most lethal terror ‎attack in Israel’s history, known as the ‎Coastal Road massacre, in 1978, when ‎she and other Fatah terrorists hijacked a ‎bus on Israel's Coastal Highway, killing 37 ‎civilians, 12 of them children, and ‎wounding over 70.‎