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5271 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails; 202 below the age of 18

Headline: The [Palestinian] Prisoners’ Club: ‘[There are] 5,271 Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons’”
“The [PA-funded] Prisoners’ Club published the [Israel] Prison Service’s prisoner statistics yesterday [May 21, 2014] and explained that the number of Palestinian prisoners has reached 5,271. 191 of them are administrative [prisoners] and 202 are children between the ages of 14 and 18. The Club further noted that these statistics include the number of prisoners up to May 1, [2014].
The [Israel] Prison Service statistics have clarified that the number of those sentenced to one to two years is 239 prisoners; those sentenced to two to three years – 194; three to five years – 169; five to seven years – 106; seven to ten years – 214; those sentenced to 10-15 years – 579; those sentenced to 15-20 years – 461; those whose sentences are more than 20 years – 440, and those sentenced to life in prison – 476, while the number of detainees has reached 1,756, and the remaining prisoners were sentenced to a few months [in prison]. According to the statistics, the number of prisoners from the [West] Bank is 4,471, from Gaza – 337, from Jerusalem – 173, from the territories occupied in 1948 (i.e., Israel) – 222 and from outside of Palestine – 28 prisoners.”