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Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, PBC and WAFA are ‎‎“official media institutions”‎

‎“The [Palestinian] Journalists’ Syndicate ‎held an initial meeting of the workers’ ‎committees of the Al-Hayat Al-Jadida ‎newspaper, the Public Palestinian ‎Television and Radio Authority (i.e., PBC ‎‎– Palestine Broadcasting Corporation) ‎and the WAFA [official Palestinian] news ‎agency, at its headquarters in El-Bireh ‎yesterday [May 21, 2014]. ‎
Nasser Abu Bakr, Omar Nazzal, Muntasir ‎Hamdan and Nabhan Khreishah from the ‎Syndicate were present at the meeting, ‎during which they reviewed and ‎discussed the draft of the collective labor ‎agreements [to be signed] between the ‎above official media institutions and the ‎journalists who work for these institutions. ‎In addition, numerous amendments and ‎suggestions for the draft of the ‎agreements were submitted, and official ‎letters were sent to the managements of ‎the above institutions in the name of the ‎members of the workers’ committees of ‎these institutions, so that separate ‎meetings be held in the future with the ‎representatives of these institutions, to ‎separately discuss the specific affairs and ‎needs of each media institution. At the ‎final [stage], meetings will be held with all ‎members of the workers’ committees, to ‎produce a collective labor agreement for ‎each government media institution.”‎