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PA TV: "[Arab] students at Hebrew U have reclaimed occupied territories in Jerusalem"

Official PA TV News reported on the Arab Heritage Festival at Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Official PA TV reporter: "The Palestinian flag [flying] at the head of the scouts [parade] opened the festival, which was held at the [Hebrew] University's main amphitheater for the first time - the very amphitheater at which the first British High Commissioner Herbert Samuel and [Lord President of the British Council Arthur James] Balfour, announced the founding of Hebrew University in 1925, 89 years ago. Today, the [Arab] students at Hebrew University have reclaimed occupied territories in Jerusalem. Songs dedicated to the prisoners and the Martyrs (Shahids) were sung by the singer Rim Banna from Nazareth... [The participants chanted] the slogan, 'The amphitheater is ours,' and in fact, it was theirs. They restored the Arab character of the land on which Hebrew University was built, even if only for one day, without weapons, but through their own tradition and by raising the flag of their Palestinian identity. Christine Rinawi, from Hebrew University in occupied Jerusalem."
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