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PA accuses PM Netanyahu of incitement for comparing Palestinian cartoon with visually similar Nazi cartoon

     ‎“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ‎Netanyahu protested on his website (sic. – ‎should be: Facebook page) the materials ‎being published on the official Facebook ‎page of the Palestinian National Security ‎Forces on the issue of the right of return. ‎The Israeli Prime Minister’s website used ‎these materials to claim that 93% of our ‎people are Antisemitic! ‎

The Israeli Prime Minister’s website ‎published a cartoon that had appeared on ‎the Facebook page of the Palestinian ‎National Security Forces, which expresses ‎that Israel is preventing [the realization of] ‎the right of return and the implementation ‎of the decisions of the international ‎institutions regarding the Palestinian ‎refugees, and compared it to a cartoon ‎attacking Jews that had been published in ‎a Nazi newspaper in 1930.‎‏ ‏

On this issue, National Security Forces ‎spokesman Hafez Al-Rifai said: ‘This step ‎is part of the insane incitement campaign ‎the Israeli government is mounting against ‎the [Palestinian] leadership, in order to ‎dissuade it from continuing to demand the ‎rights of our people and from achieving a ‎just peace.’‎

Al-Rifai emphasized that the National ‎Security Forces are a national institution ‎that looks out for the homeland and [its] ‎citizens, and protects not only their ‎security, but also all their interests. [He ‎noted] that the publication of this cartoon ‎occurred as part of the defense of the right ‎of return of the millions of refugees – a ‎right guaranteed by all the international ‎agreements and conventions, and [by the] ‎UN resolutions. ‎

He said: ‘The attempt to defame the ‎Palestinians and their national institutions ‎is a failed and obvious attempt that will not ‎dissuade us from continuing to march ‎towards a state, full independence and the ‎achievement of our legitimate, historical ‎rights.’”‎

The cartoon discussed in the article, which ‎appeared on PM Netanyahu’s Arabic ‎Facebook page:‎

Text on cartoon: ‎
‎“93% of Palestinian adults have ‎Antisemitic opinions… ‎
The Nazi journal, Der Sturmer, 1930‎
Facebook page of the Palestinian National ‎Security Forces, 2014. ‎
This is the result of the PA’s incitement.
‎Source: the international study published ‎by the Anti-Defamation League.”‎