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Official PA daily: Israel is a "racist and apartheid state;" "The son of Mary was a Palestinian, and this is the truth, not speculation"

Op-ed by Dr. Alaa Abu Ammar

     "The ‘Arab spring’ sowed fear and panic among most of the religious denominations, especially the Christian [ones], since the Arab-Christian presence in Iraq and Syria was targeted by dubious Islamist groups with dubious funding and dubious values and aims. [These groups] directly targeted the Christians in order to cause them to emigrate and to empty the region of them. Many of them did indeed emigrate, and the Western countries opened their gates to them and encouraged them to [emigrate]. This raises questions as to the side that stands to gain from the emptying of the Arab countries of their religious and cultural components… which lived side by side in tolerance and harmony for centuries, before the fanatical and racist Zionist ideology appeared on the Arab land of Palestine, the symbol of tolerance and peace…

The image placed behind the Pope’s podium was beautiful indeed: it showed Jesus, peace be upon Him, as a baby wrapped in a Palestinian keffiyeh… Although this image is a symbolic Palestinian national idiom, it is also truthful, since the son of Mary was a Palestinian, and this is the truth, not speculation…

[The Pope’s] standing and praying beside the racist separation fence, the Palestinian wall paintings comparing the crucified Jesus to our crucified nation, and the Palestinian insistence on Jesus being Palestinian – all these demonstrate a forceful message to the occupation, and the improvement of relations between Palestine and the Christian world, which sympathized with the Jews at the time of Israel’s establishment. Today, after discovering the real Israel – the racist and apartheid state – it [the Christian world] is trying to be more objective towards the true people of Jesus, the Palestinian people, which is the most humane and tolerant [nation] towards its fellows.”

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