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Despite demonizing Israel as a "racist," "ethnic cleansing state," official PA daily op-ed calls for coexistence and peace with Israelis

Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular ‎columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
Headline: “Netanyahu establishes ‎racism”‎
     ‎“Since the establishment of the Israeli ‎ethnic cleansing state, it has been ‎spreading racism and creating hatred, ‎hostility and occupation, even though its ‎founding colonialist leaders tried to ‎clothe it in ‘democratic’ garb to hide the ‎ugliness of the Nakba (i.e., ‘the ‎catastrophe,’ Palestinian term for the ‎establishment of the State of Israel)…‎

Since it was the colonialist West, in all its ‎capitalist varieties, that supported it and ‎established its growth and development ‎on Arab Palestinian land, it has ‎advanced and disseminated the distorted ‎idea of its being ‘democratic.’ It even ‎brainwashed world public opinion, when ‎it spread [the claim] that Israel was ‘the ‎only oasis of democracy’ in the Greater ‎Middle East and among the peoples of ‎the Arab nation, for well-known purposes ‎that are linked to the interests of the ‎capitalist West in general and in ‎particular, the US…‎

The new Jewish ‘ghetto’ state has ‎passed many decisions and laws ‎establishing its racist character as a state ‎for the Zionist Jews. It has used the ‎ugliest forms of racism against the Arab ‎Palestinian people that has held on to ‎the land of its ancestors (i.e., Israeli Arabs ‎who did not leave in 1948)… Possibly, ‎the legislation passed by the previous ‎Israeli Parliament, the 18th Israeli ‎Parliament, proves the nature and ‎composition of the Israeli state, the ‎organized terror state…‎

Nonetheless, the Palestinians in the ‎interior (i.e., Israeli Arabs) and wherever ‎they are must cooperate with those who ‎support peace and real coexistence with ‎the Israelis… to safeguard their rights, ‎their freedom and their national identity, ‎and to broaden the circle of the ‎supporters of peace and coexistence ‎within Israel… with the aim of ‎strengthening the peace option based on ‎the two-state solution.”‎