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PA TV program: Terrorist shooter is ‎‎“heroic Martyr” whose “soul ascended ‎to heaven”‎

Official PA TV program A Martyr’s Tale ‎about terrorist Mustafa Faisal Abu ‎Sariyah, an Islamic Jihad terrorist who, ‎along with ‎Abd Al-Karim Omar ‎Muhammad Ahmad, ‎killed Michal Mor and ‎Noam Gozovsky and ‎wounded 16 others ‎in a shooting attack in ‎Afula on Nov. 26, ‎‎2001. Both terrorists were killed in an ‎ensuing exchange of fire. ‎
Official PA TV narrator: “Mustafa Faisal ‎Abu Sariyah - a name that struck at the ‎heart of the occupation, and raised the ‎flag of the homeland high through ‎Martyrdom (Shahada). It is a great honor ‎and an even greater pain when ‎Palestinians part from the procession of ‎Martyrs on the way to [achieving] freedom ‎for Palestine.‎ ‎[Photographs of the terrorist and his friends ‎with rifles are shown in the background] Our heroic Martyr (Shahid) was born in ‎Jenin, the city of resolve. He suckled the ‎love of the homeland from a young age, ‎prepared his Martyrdom-death with a ‎clever and goal-oriented plan, carried his ‎soul in his hands and turned to the field ‎‎[of action], where the event transpired. ‎There his soul ascended to heaven, and ‎there his body remained trapped in what ‎are known as the numbered cemeteries ‎‎(i.e., Israeli cemeteries for terrorists and ‎enemy soldiers).”‎
Mother of Mustafa Faisal Abu Sariyah: ‎‎“When I heard there had been an ‎operation (i.e., terror attack) in Afula, ‎something inside of me told me: ‘Get up, ‎purify yourself and pray.’ I said: ‘May Allah ‎bless the womb that bore [the one who ‎carried out] this operation, and give life to ‎the mother of the one who carried out the ‎operation.” (At this point she did not know ‎it was her son, -ed.)‎
Aunt of Mustafa Faisal Abu Sariyah: “He ‎made us proud in the refugee camp, and ‎made the entire Abu Sariyah family proud. ‎Since then, every time it’s said that ‎someone died a Martyr, I mourn and don’t ‎mourn at the same time, because I’m ‎happy that the operation came out of ‎the refugee camp. We are happy and ‎proud of them.”‎

Note: The Cemeteries for Enemy ‎Casualties are two burial sites maintained ‎by the Israeli army for burying the bodies of ‎enemy soldiers as well as terrorists. They ‎are fenced and well-marked. Graves have ‎markers instead of gravestones. Burial is ‎temporary, on the assumption that the ‎bodies will eventually be returned to their ‎countries of origin. No ceremony is held. ‎The bodies are buried in numbered ‎caskets, after their identities have been ‎documented.‎