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Abbas ousts Fatah official who criticized him

‎“Fatah Commander-in-Chief Mahmoud ‎Abbas has decided to oust five of the ‎movement’s members. The decision read: ‎‎‘After examining the movement’s ‎regulations… and in keeping with the ‎authority accorded to us, we have decided ‎to oust [the following members] from the ‎movement: M ajed ‎ Abu Shamaleh, ‎Nasser Jum’a, Abd Al-Hamid Al-Masir, ‎Sufian Abu Zaydeh, and Rashid Abu ‎Shubak.’”‎
From WAFA, official PA news agency

Note: ‎Sufian Abu Zaydeh is known as an opponent ‎of Mahmoud Abbas. In an op-ed published ‎by Ma’anon June 27, 2013, he sharply ‎criticized Abbas’ monopolization of power in ‎the PA. The PA condemned Abu Zaydeh for his criticism.