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PA official: Abbas has increased budget for prisoners fivefold

“[PA] Deputy Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Ziyad Abu Ein said that the Ministry exists and will not be closed until its status is determined, whether through the creation of a Prisoners’ [Affairs] Commission or by leaving it as it is. In a statement to Ma’an, he added: ‘The Ministry of Prisoners’ [Affairs] still exists in the makeup of the new government and is operating as an institution with all its elements. A discussion was held regarding its replacement with a supreme commission, but no presidential decree has been issued on the matter.’ He went on and said: ‘I am surprised by and condemn all the noise [being made] around the Ministry of Prisoners’ [Affairs], especially since it has not been closed, but [rather], there are thoughts to replace it with a commission whose powers will be no less than that of the Ministry. In addition, the prisoners’ issue is receiving double support from the President [Mahmoud Abbas], since Mahmoud Abbas has increased its budget fivefold.’”