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Sheikh: "The stones of Jerusalem say to it [Israel], 'You are a foreigner'"

     ‎“The Supreme Muslim Council organized ‎a [protest] vigil and sit-down strike on the ‎‎47th anniversary of the Naksa (i.e., ‘the ‎setback,’ Palestinian term for Israel's ‎victory in the Six Day War) and in support ‎of the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the steps of the ‎Damascus Gate, one of the most famous ‎gates of the Old City, as part of the events ‎of the Global March to Jerusalem, and ‎concluded with a rally with speeches and ‎a march to the Al-Aqsa Mosque…‎

The Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, ‎Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, warned of ‎the occupation’s intensifying Judaization ‎projects in Jerusalem. He continued: ‘The ‎oppressive occupation is trying to Judaize ‎the people and the stones, and to ‎obliterate the city’s Islamic and Arab ‎landmarks. But Jerusalem will remain the ‎heart and eternal capital of Palestine.’ ‎

Fatah Revolutionary Council member ‎Hatem Abd Al-Qader said: ‘On this ‎anniversary and this [protest] vigil, we ‎recite the Al-Fatiha Sura (opening Sura of ‎the Quran) over the souls of the Martyrs ‎‎(Shahids), salute the prisoners, and ‎emphasize that the occupation does not ‎scare us and will not alter our will despite ‎all its actions.’ He continued: ‘Jerusalem ‎will remain Islamic, Arab, Palestinian, and ‎the occupation is ephemeral, as were all ‎those who were foreign to it [Jerusalem]. ‎We are warning the occupation lest it ‎continue its aggression against Jerusalem ‎and [the] Al-Aqsa [Mosque], for [we] will ‎not stand for this, and we will hold the ‎occupation fully [responsible] for its ‎consequences.’ ‎

Deputy Head of the Islamic Movement in ‎the 1948 territories (i.e., Israel) Sheikh ‎Kamal Khatib: ‘… 47 years have passed ‎since the occupation of Jerusalem; ‎despite this, the people of Jerusalem say ‎to the occupation: “You are a foreigner;” ‎the stones of Jerusalem say to it: “You are ‎a foreigner; and the land and skies of ‎Jerusalem say: “The occupation is foreign, ‎and it will leave, just as all the previous ‎occupations left.”’”‎

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