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Israel Hayom: "The Palestinian Authority's true intentions [are] meticulously documented by Palestinian Media Watch"

A war against Israel's right to exist

by Sarah N. Stern

Nearly every day, there is some clear and transparent indication of the Palestinian Authority's true intentions, meticulously documented by Palestinian Media Watch. Not a day goes by without the Palestinian Authority's television station inciting its people to hate and kill Jews, naming squares and sports games after suicide bombers, or calling to replace all the land that we recognize as Israel with "Palestine."

To the outside world, however, the Palestinian Authority at least donned some sort of camouflage to disguise their lethal goals, flimsy as it was. They became masters in the art of double speak, talking to Western diplomats in the gentle, seductive language of peace, even as these diplomats sat within the PA's official headquarters in Ramallah, directly under the map of Israel, re-designated as "Palestine."

Sarah Stern is the founder and president of EMET, the Endowment for Middle East Truth, a pro-Israel and pro-American think tank and policy shop in Washington.