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PA minister: "Settlers carried out 50 attacks on the Al-‎Aqsa Mosque" and ultimately plan its "destruction"

‎"[PA] Minister of Religious Affairs Yusuf ‎Ida'is disclosed yesterday [June 9, 2014] ‎that over the month of May, the ‎occupation authorities and groups of ‎settlers carried out 50 attacks on the Al-‎Aqsa Mosque and the houses of worship.‎
In a statement made yesterday, Ida’is ‎said… that there has been a rise in the ‎number of settlers invading and ‎desecrating the Al-Aqsa Mosque plazas ‎and the Ibrahimi Mosque (i.e., Cave of the ‎Patriarchs), and a spread of tendentious ‎media campaigns within Israeli society ‎and the world at large calling for the ‎validation of Talmudic prayers [in the Al-‎Aqsa Mosque], the destruction of the Al-‎Aqsa Mosque and the construction of the ‎alleged Temple."‎

Note: ‎The PA considers any presence of Jews ‎on the Temple Mount an "invasion." ‎However, all visitors are subject to rigorous ‎checks by Israeli security personnel before ‎being granted access to the Temple ‎Mount.‎