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US plan was to divide and destroy Arab ‎world; CIA is behind the creation of IS

Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular ‎columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
     ‎“The American-European war against Iraq ‎in the 1990s and the beginning of this ‎century was not [aimed] against Saddam ‎Hussein’s regime, and was not [fought] ‎because the late Iraqi president occupied ‎Kuwait, but because the West as a whole, ‎and the US in particular, had a plan for a ‎Greater Middle East. To achieve their goal, ‎they had to re-divide the existing Arab ‎countries, ripping to shreds the fabric of ‎the nation-state created by the Sykes-‎Picot Agreement of 1916, and reshape the ‎region in a way consistent with the ‎American perspective and plan. They ‎drew up scenarios for achieving this goal, ‎and had no choice but to rip the three ‎central countries in the Arab East – Egypt, ‎Syria and Iraq – to shreds. The scenario of ‎embroiling Iraq in the war with Iran, and ‎then the occupation of Kuwait, ‎succeeded. This allowed them to destroy ‎the Baath regime and create sectarian ‎allies, with the aim of tearing apart the ‎unity and fabric of the Iraqi people and ‎country, with the support of the Iranian ‎state – which had national interests in Iraq ‎and the Gulf in general – and, ‎unfortunately, with the support of many of ‎the Arab countries as well, who either ‎turned a blind eye for a moment, or whose ‎policy [makers] were prevented from ‎seeing the implications of the American ‎plan.‎
The occupation and reconstruction of ‎Iraq’s national infrastructure, building ‎blocks and political regime, which have ‎been going on since 2003, have not ‎ended – a fact which obligated [the US] to ‎initiate the process of tearing the Iraqi ‎state apart along religious, sectarian and ‎ethnic lines, in order to continue ‎‎[advancing] the other scenarios in the ‎various Arab countries, especially the ‎central ones mentioned above. Saudi ‎Arabia and the Gulf States will not be ‎excluded from this plan.‎
Despite the failure of the American plan ‎with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, ‎action is still being taken to realize the ‎scheme, and there are dozens of plans ‎ready for its implementation…‎
In addition, despite the fact that the ‎Western-Israeli media establishment and ‎the Iraq regime have been inflating the ‎role of IS, this is not completely the case – ‎not to deny the existence and weight of ‎that organization, which is the product of ‎the CIA. However, there certainly are ‎fighting forces deeply affiliated with the ‎Iraqi Baath [party], even if they bear ‎Islamic-sounding names.” ‎