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Abbas uses 6 words to condemn kidnapping, 35 words to condemn Israel

"The Palestinian President's [Abbas'] Office condemned the chain of events that took place last week, from the kidnapping of the three Israeli youths to the series of consecutive Israeli violations - both concerning the prisoners' [hunger] strike, and the break-ins into the Palestinian homes, the attacks of the settlers and the occupation army, which led to the death of a young Palestinian as a Martyr (Shahid), and the persecution of numerous innocent people.
In a statement published today, Monday June 16, 2014], the President's Office reiterated that all sides must refrain from violence, especially since the President's position is to continue the intensive action toward [securing] the release of the prisoners agreed on (i.e., an allusion to the fourth phase of prisoner releases, which Israel cancelled), and [the release of] all the prisoners in the [Israeli] jails when a final status agreement is signed.
In addition, the President [Abbas'] Office praised the efforts of the Palestinian Security Forces in keeping order, calm and stability, in order to prevent the Palestinians from being drawn into anarchy and instability, and to prevent any element from taking advantage of the situation for non-national purposes."
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