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Caricature of Israelis searching for kidnapped boys

"Daily cartoon: 'The Israeli occupiers wreak havoc in the land'"

Numerous Antisemitic comments were added to the cartoon, which the administrator reinforced:
Comment: "Allah's curse upon you, Israel. God, you are great, very great. Punish these dogs, God."
Page administrator's response: "If the Jews have a wind surely the [Palestinian] revolution is a storm. Allah willing, respected sister, the day will come when the truth will be revealed and the oppressed will defeat the oppressor."

Comment: "May Allah give you victory and raise you above our enemies."
Page administrator's response: "When the revolution thunders and the nation calls for the eternal Jerusalem, the midgets of the world must remain in their dens. We are very grateful to you and honor you for your wonderful comment, respected sister."

Comment: "Allah's curse upon the Jews."
Page administrator's response: "May Allah curse the corrupt people, the enemies of Islam. Allah willing, a day will come when they will retreat and victory will be ours, Allah willing, for this is God's promise to us."

Comment: "May Allah burn them and give you victory, dear Palestinian people."
Page administrator's response: "Amen, God. We thank you for contacting us, dear brothers."
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