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UNRWA counts 5.4 million Palestinian refugees, 41.2% living in Gaza and the West Bank

‎“The [Palestinian Central] Bureau of ‎Statistics said the number of Palestinian ‎refugees registered with UNRWA as of ‎Jan. 1, 2014 has reached 5.4 million. In a ‎statement published yesterday [June 19, ‎‎2014], the eve of International Refugee ‎Day, the [Bureau of] Statistics added that ‎UNRWA’s records indicate that these ‎figures represent the minimal number of ‎Palestinian refugees. In addition, it added ‎that the Palestinian refugees living in the ‎West Bank who were registered with it at ‎the beginning of 2014 comprise 16.8% of ‎all refugees registered with UNRWA, ‎compared to 24.1% in the Gaza Strip.‎
In addition, the percentage of Palestinian ‎refugees registered with UNRWA in ‎Jordan reached 39.7% of all Palestinian ‎refugees, while those in Lebanon reached ‎to 8.9%, and those in Syria, 10.5%...‎
According to the statistics, the data for ‎‎2013 indicate that the percentage of ‎refugees resident in Palestine (i.e., the ‎West Bank and the Gaza Strip) is ‎approximately 41.2% of the total ‎Palestinian population, and that ‎approximately 26.1% of the residents of ‎the West Bank are refugees, while the ‎percentage of the refugees in the Gaza ‎Strip is approximately 65.3...‎
In addition, the data for 2013 show that… ‎the percentage of elderly – meaning, aged ‎‎60 or more – among the refugees has ‎reached 4.2% of the total refugee ‎‎[population] in Palestine.”‎