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Fatah spokesman brags that Fatah has more prisoners and Martyrs than Hamas

Official PA TV program The State of ‎Politics hosted Fatah spokesman ‎Ahmad Assaf
Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf: “The ‎Martyrs (Shahids) from among the ‎‎[PA] Security Forces – from the ‎‎[second] Intifada (i.e., PA terror ‎campaign 2000-2005) until now ‎‎[number] 2,100 – more than the ‎Martyrs of Hamas. The PA Security ‎Forces’ prisoners up to now [number] ‎over 700, more than the prisoners of ‎Hamas. I would like to ask: If the ‎Security Forces have [in the eyes of ‎Hamas] reached the level of ‎cooperation, coordination and ‎collaboration with the Israeli ‎occupation, why were they the first to ‎be targeted by the occupation?”‎