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The Blaze recaps PMW bulletin on Hamas children's TV show

Hamas TV Children’s Show Entertains Kids with Improvised Rocket Exploding Noises

by Sharona Schwartz

In Friday’s installment of a Hamas children’s television show that’s making a name for itself outside Gaza due to its incendiary subject matter, cast members and studio guests were encouraged to mimic the sound of rockets being launched at Israel as a way to “excite” the audience.

Palestinian Media Watch, a Jerusalem-based research organization which tracks anti-Israel incitement in official Palestinian Authority and Hamas media outlets, uncovered the episode of “Pioneers of Tomorrow” and posted a translated excerpt on its website for purposes of educating the western media and policymakers.

The host of the show which airs on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV is a giant human sized bee puppet named Nahoul who in a falsetto talks to children in the studio and on the telephone.

In Friday’s broadcast, a girl studio host asked her guest, “Do a last imitation of the sound of our rockets.”



The girl host on a Palestinian television show asked for an imitation of the sound of a rocket to “excite ... our children.” (Image source: Al-Aqsa TV via PMW)

With the guest, an adult man, sitting in the studio, Nahoul the bumblebee clarified they wanted to hear “the sound of the explosion.”

“To encourage and excite our audience, our children friends,” the girl said.

The adult guest who appeared on the verge of giggles made a whooshing noise, mimicking a rocket, children’s style.

To which the boy in the studio piped in, “That’s the M-75.”

The man confirmed, “The sound of a rocket when it’s launched from us, the M-75.”

The M-75 is a long-range rocket that Hamas launched during its major sustained bombardment of Israel in November 2012 with which it was able to for the first time strike areas near Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The girl host asked, “And when it [the M-75] reaches them [the Israelis]?”

The adult guest answered, “I can’t hear it,” a response that evoked laughs all around.

Nahul the bumblebee said in his falsetto, “No, no, I heard it, I was in the clouds. I heard it go (mimics the sound of an explosion).”

Palestinian Media Watch noted that only two days after the children’s show was broadcast, Hamas Political Bureau member Khalil Al-Hayya was echoing the message of the program, encouraging children to aspire to join the violent struggle against Israel.

“Hamas and its [Izz A-Din Al-Qassam] Brigades (Hamas’ military wing), will continue to dig tunnels, build rockets and cross seas until it defeats the enemy,” Al-Hayya said. “We will continue on the path of jihad and martyrdom.”

“Oh children of the resistance. Oh Al-Qassam [Brigades], this is the only way; march forward, [until] either victory or martyrdom,” Al-Hayya added according to Palestinian Media Watch’s translation of the Arabic news outlet Al-Hayat Al-Jadida.

In a previous episode of “Pioneers of Tomorrow,” the giant bee Nahoul encouraged Palestinian children to punch, throw stones at and shoot Jews. In another, a little girl who appeared to be 5 or 6-years-old recited a dramatic poem about the bullets she wanted to buy presumably to aim at Israelis.

Here is an excerpt from the children’s show courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch: