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Fatah responds to PMW bulletin: Return to '67 borders and we will have peace

Fatah’s Main Facebook page reacted to ‎PMW’s bulletin: Abbas' Fatah movement to ‎Israelis: "Death is near"‎
 ‎“Fatah’s Main Facebook page is responding ‎to this item with the following words only, ‎because the best statements are short and to ‎the point: ‘Sons of Zion, if you accept the ‎two-state solution, evacuate your settlers and ‎remove your soldiers from our land, which ‎was occupied in 1967, and we will live in ‎peace.’”‎

Click to view video "Fatah song: 'Smash the fortress of the hopeless'" from the original PMW bulletin to which Fatah is responding

Note The Facebook page where this item was ‎posted, called "Fatah - The Main Page," is an ‎official Fatah Facebook page. The page ‎defines itself as belonging to the Fatah ‎Mobilization and Organization Commission, ‎and the commission's official website links to ‎this Facebook page.‎

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