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PA TV: Terrorist who planned Munich Olympics massacre was "the Red Prince"

Official PA TV trivia ‎ program Tamarind
PA TV host: “The question is: Who is the ‎Red Prince, and who was nicknamed ‘the ‎Red Prince?’ He was a Palestinian ‎politician assassinated in Beirut, if you ‎remember.”‎
Man: “Hassan Salameh”‎
PA TV host: “Correct – that is, more or less: ‎Ali Hassan Salameh, [dear] audience, was ‎the Red Prince, a Palestinian politician ‎who did many important things for the ‎‎[Palestinian] cause, right?”‎

Ali Hassan Salameh – Commander of ‎operations of the Black September terror ‎group. He planned many terror attacks, ‎including the attack on the Israeli team at ‎the Munich Olympics in 1972, in which 11 ‎Israeli athletes were murdered.‎