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PA TV host refers to Israel as the "occupied Palestinian interior"

Official PA TV program Ramadan ‎Responsa interviewed Dr. Sami Abu Arja, ‎a mufti from Gaza
PA TV host: “Doctor, we had a question ‎about the banks in the occupied ‎Palestinian interior (i.e., Israel) – the Israeli ‎banks. Our brother from the interior asked ‎‎[about] these banks and said he had to ‎have contact with these banks – there are ‎pensions and old-age pensions, and we ‎have many contacts with these banks. ‎How can we have contact with these ‎banks when, as is known, they engage in ‎usury, and is there an alternative if I am ‎forbidden from having contact with the ‎Israeli banks in the occupied Palestinian ‎interior?”‎