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Official PA daily: Hitler is "applauding" Netanyahu, whose actions prove that Hitler's "death was not fruitless"

     ‎“Netanyahu’s terrible racism cannot but be ‎mixed with inhumanity, which is passed ‎down as the ideology, culture and values ‎of excluding others – [values] which ‎maintain the imagined ‘purity of race’… ‎This has caused Hitler’s Nazism – which ‎he used against all his enemies, ‎including the European Jews – to score a ‎stunning victory today through ‎Netanyahu’s actions, for which Hitler is ‎applauding him joyously, since his death was not fruitless. Also ‎the terrorist [Ariel] Sharon, who, in 1982 ‎used his personal gun to murder two ‎three-year-old Palestinian children – yes, ‎don’t be surprised, two three-year-olds – ‎as the progressive Dutch Jewish director ‎George Sluizer testified against him – ‎‎[Sharon also] did not die in vain, since he ‎left behind a racist heritage.”‎

Notes:‎ George‏ ‏Sluizer – a Dutch filmmaker who ‎was accused by Israeli officials of creating ‎a 'modern blood libel' for claiming that he ‎had witnessed then Israeli Defense ‎Minister Ariel Sharon shooting two ‎Palestinian children near the Sabra-‎Shatila refugee camp in 1982. ‎
Sabra and Shatila are Palestinian refugee ‎camps in Lebanon. In 1982, during the first ‎Lebanon War, Muslim residents of the ‎camps were massacred by Christian ‎Phalangists. The PA has a longstanding ‎policy of falsely accusing Israel of ‎committing the massacre or actively ‎helping to carry it out. ‎

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