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Palestinian representative at the UNHRC: Each Palestinian rocket launched at Israel is a "crime against humanity," but Israel follows legal procedures and warns Palestinian civilians

Official PA TV hosted Ibrahim Khreisheh, the Palestinian representative at the United ‎Nations Human Rights Council
Ibrahim Khreisheh, the Palestinian representative at the UNHRC: “I am not a candidate ‎for any Palestinian position involving elections, and therefore, I am not aiming to gain ‎popularity among the Palestinians. The rockets that are now being launched against ‎Israel – each rocket is a crime against humanity, because it targets civilians. Israel’s ‎actions against the Palestinian civilians are also crimes against humanity… Therefore, ‎any act aimed against civilians, whether one civilian or a thousand, is considered a ‎crime against humanity… And it should be noted: You saw on TV that many people ‎from the Gaza Strip said, of their own accord, that the Israeli army, the occupation army, ‎notified them that they must evacuate their homes before the attack. Legally, if people ‎were killed, it would not be considered intentional killing, but accidental killing, ‎because it [the Israeli army] followed the legal procedures. The rockets that we fire, by ‎contrast – we don’t warn anyone where they will fall or where we will act. So one must ‎be very familiar with the issue before speaking emotionally about turning to the ‎International Criminal Court.”‎

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