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Official PA daily criticizes Hezbollah for not helping Gaza attack Israel

Op-ed by Adli Sadeq, PLO Ambassador to ‎India and regular columnist for the official ‎PA daily Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida
     ‎“As long as rockets are being launched by ‎the weaker Palestinian side, [rockets] ‎whose launchers are going to great ‎lengths so they may perhaps balance their ‎heavy losses with a number of losses in ‎the ranks of the aggressive criminals… we ‎may rightly wonder: where is Hezbollah? [...]
Is what is occurring in Gaza not ‎resistance? Was it not you (i.e., Hezbollah ‎leader Hassan Nasrallah) who wanted it to ‎be a resistance that neither yawns nor ‎rests? Where are you now, when the ‎resistance needs your help and the help ‎of those like you? ‎[...]
The enemy that ought to be ‎their enemy and the enemy of the regime ‎they protect is Israel itself, which is ‎attacking day and night, swallowing up ‎Jerusalem and threatening Al-Aqsa.‎
It is Israel that, whenever it gets bored, ‎returns to Gaza with military aircraft to ‎destroy homes and facilities and kill ‎children. Where is the help, you sectarian ‎liars who collaborate with the Persian ‎Ayatollahs… [you] hostile [ones], and your ‎ilk – the CIA’s collaborators from the ISIS –‎who destroy revolutions and give nations ‎a bad name?"

This article was published as Hamas was firing hundreds of rockets at Israel and as Israel was responding with Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel.