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Official PA daily: Jews' God demands "Passover Matzah made from the blood of our children," as stated in Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Op-ed by Yahya Rabah, columnist for official PA daily and member of the Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza
"Under the fire that has been burning against us for a month now, our national unity has endured in an exceptional manner. Our unity, which extends from the northern tip of the Galilee (northern Israel) to the southern tip of the Negev (southern Israel); from Gaza to the West Bank and Jerusalem, from the farthest place of exile to the homeland...
We are one nation, one cause, one entity, one hope and one right, and we will not leave this land, for it is our land. All tales and myths can go to hell; Jerusalem will remain our capital, even if they use their nuclear bombs against us...
We have nothing with which to speak to these Israeli murderers, who go too far with their crimes, and whose God, 'Yahweh', is called the Lord of Hosts and demands, according to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that they offer him sacrifices during Passover in the form of Matzah made from the blood of our children. We have nothing with which to open a dialogue but these rockets. Have all the Arab, Islamic and Palestinian peace initiatives managed to draw even a single voice to engage in dialogue with us?"
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Note: The official PA daily published this op-ed during the 2014 Gaza war as Hamas was firing hundreds of rockets at Israel and as Israel was responding with Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel.

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