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Fatah and Hamas are operating with "real partnership," Gaza civilians will continue to ignore IDF warnings and act as human shields

‎ “Fatah Central Committee member Amal ‎Hamad said there is real partnership, ‎‎[both] on the political level and on the ‎ground, between all organizations and ‎national activity factions in the Gaza Strip…‎
The Central Committee member [Amal ‎Hamad] said the occupation has ‎distributed letters to citizens residing ‎near the border area, ordering them to ‎evacuate their homes. She emphasized ‎that the citizens will not respond to ‎these letters, will not leave their homes, ‎and will continue to stand firm in the ‎face of this malicious attack, until the ‎arrogance of the occupation falls.”‎
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