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Hamas defends using civilians as human shields

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri: ‎‎
“Today, the resistance truly glorifies our ‎people and our nation. True, we are ‎paying a price, but we remember our ‎brothers in Algeria, where there were at ‎least a million and half Martyrs (Shahids). ‎Why didn’t the Algerians speak up then, ‎or why don’t they speak up now to change ‎history and say that the blood of the ‎Algerians was forsaken? In 1945, 45,000 ‎Algerians died in a single day, and it was ‎not described in history as forsaking the ‎blood of the Algerians, as some defeatists ‎are doing today, noting the number of ‎Martyrs and describing it as ‘trading with ‎Palestinian blood and forsaking ‎Palestinian blood’… Today, we are not ‎leading our people to the slaughter as we ‎stand by and look on; we are leading them ‎to death [corrects himself] I mean, to ‎confrontation.” ‎
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