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Official PA daily: Jews should go back to where they came from

Op-ed by Palestinian writer Hanan Bakir
“The meeting with him [Norwegian poet ‎Håvard Rem] took place in my home, in ‎the presence of the Norwegian ‎intellectual Walid Al-Kubaisi… I ‎remember that one of the things we ‎spoke about was how we [Arabs] welcomed the ‎Jews after the West persecuted them, ‎and that we, the Palestinians, are paying ‎the price for [the treatment of] the West, and ‎the most useful thing would be for the ‎West to make room for them to establish ‎their state [Israel], and if any [Israelis] among ‎them wishes to live with us as a ‎Palestinian – [they are] welcome, ‎because this is Palestine, and it was ‎Palestine already before all the ‎monotheistic religions. About a month ‎ago, the two friends, [visited] … After six hours and many appetizers, she ‎said:‎
‘Whoever [Israelis] wants to can fit in among us
And the others will return to their lands of ‎origin
They were treated well there before they ‎came to us.‎'"