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Palestinian representative at the UNHC revises statement calling rocket fire aimed at Israel a “crime against humanity

On July 9, 2014, the Palestinian representative at the United ‎Nations Human Rights Council Ibrahim Khreisheh stated that at the ICC, every Palestinian rocket launched at Israel would be considered “a crime against humanity.” Less than a week later, he claimed that his statement was taken out of context, as reported in WAFA:
     “Palestine’s permanent observer in the UN [and the Palestinian representative at the United Nations Human Rights Council] and all other international organizations in Switzerland, Ambassador Ibrahim Khreisheh, expressed deep sorrow at the fact that several Palestinian media outlets had quoted a report from the Israeli press on an interview he gave to Palestine TV, which had been edited and taken out of context.
In an explanatory statement, he added: ‘I was talking about the legal opinion in case an appeal [is submitted] to the International Criminal Court, based on the recommendations of the investigation committee known as the Goldstone Report, which stated that [while] the Israeli side had committed war crimes, the armed Palestinian groups had committed crimes amounting to crimes against humanity because of their indiscriminate rocket fire.’ He added: ‘The attempt to harm me and the Palestinian leadership now, of all times, is contemptible, since for years I served our people’s cause as a fighter in the ranks of the revolution. I believe in all forms of struggle and resistance, conforming to international humanitarian law, and I am making efforts to settle accounts with Israel, the occupying force, for the crimes it is committing against innocent civilians in the State of Palestine. The attempt to distort [my words] and take [them] out of context is the language of the enemy, not of Palestine.’ Khreisheh said: ‘We must agree on every step we take, especially regarding legal matters and the International [Criminal] Court, so that in the future, we are not blamed when Palestinian officials are accused of breaking the law.’”