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Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal denies involvement in ‎kidnapping of 3 teens

Al-Jazeera TV (Arabic)  |
Al-Jazeera Live posted a video of ‎Hamas Political Bureau Chief Khaled ‎Mashaal at a press conference in Doha, ‎during Operation Protective Edge. In the ‎interview, Mashaal denies Hamas ‎involvement in the kidnapping of the 3 ‎Israeli teens (see note below), but only a ‎month later on August 22, Mashaal ‎admits the kidnapping was carried out by ‎Hamas members.‎
     “On June 12, three settlers ‎went missing, and we still do not know ‎who caught them or who killed them ‎later on. But the failing and helpless ‎‎[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] ‎Netanyahu hastened, in his arrogance, ‎to frame Hamas. Nonetheless, it is a duty ‎and an honor to resist the occupiers, ‎soldiers and settlers. He abused the ‎Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, and let the ‎settlers burn Muhammad Abu Khdeir. ‎Obama and the leaders of the West ‎should have honored moral and human ‎values, and deterred Netanyahu and his ‎settlers after this heinous crime. He ‎moved the offensive to Gaza, which had ‎done nothing but [express its] rage (i.e., ‎launch rockets at Israel), because we are ‎members of one nation and our cause is ‎one. That is how the unjustified ‎aggression against Gaza began. The ‎only reason [for it] was Netanyahu’s ‎helplessness, [and his aim was] to ‎absorb the rage of Israeli public opinion ‎and deal with the wranglers within his ‎government, such as [Israeli Foreign ‎Minister Avigdor] Liberman.” ‎

Note: On June 12, 2014, Israeli teens ‎Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali ‎Frenkel were kidnapped by Hamas ‎terrorists while they were hitchhiking. The ‎boys' bodies were found by Israeli ‎security forces near Hebron on June 30, ‎‎2014. They appeared to have been shot ‎to death soon after the abduction. Two ‎days later, Palestinian teen Muhammad ‎Abu Khdeir was kidnapped and ‎murdered in Jerusalem in a revenge ‎attack by Israeli extremists. Following this ‎murder, Palestinians took to the streets of ‎eastern Jerusalem in violent and ‎continuous protests. Prime Minister ‎Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli ‎ministers immediately condemned the ‎revenge killing in the strongest terms. ‎Israeli police arrested six Israeli suspects ‎on July 6th; under interrogation, three of ‎the suspects confessed to murdering ‎Khdeir.‎

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