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Hamas tells civilians to disregard Israel's warnings to evacuate

Statement posted on the Facebook page ‎of Hamas Ministry of Interior spokesman ‎Iyad Al-Buzum
‎“An important and urgent call to our ‎people: ‎
In the past hours, the occupation has ‎once again been sending tens of ‎thousands of voice messages to citizens’ ‎phones, especially in the border regions, ‎requesting them to evacuate their homes ‎by a certain time.‎
We emphasize that these are arbitrary ‎calls, not intended for specific people. ‎There is no reason to be concerned by ‎them or pay attention to them; and by no ‎means should they be heeded. They are ‎part of the psychological war, and their ‎purpose is to sow confusion on the home ‎front…‎
We emphasize that for eight years, the ‎occupation has failed in its psychological ‎war against our people and that it will fail ‎again in view of our people’s resolve and ‎awareness.”‎
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