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Official PA daily: Israel's warnings to evacuate areas of Gaza are "false" and a form of "psychological war"

     "The false messages [of the Israeli army, calling on civilians to evacuate their homes] are one of the forms of the psychological war Israel is waging against peaceful citizens in their homes.
The Shbeir family, which lives in the central Gaza Strip, received a phone call from the Israeli 'Ministry of Defense' at 9:30 p.m., in which it was told to evacuate the house. It was given five minutes to evacuate before the bombing. The father took his children and told his neighbors, who ran together with him after hearing this false message.
Muhammad Shbeir, 10, said: 'I feel sad because of the bombings and because of the deaths of children, young people, old people and women in the Gaza Strip. The Jews are defeating us. We did not welcome Ramadan joyfully like we do every year...'
Lujin Shbeir, 11, cried when she heard about the evacuation, and said: 'Why are the Jews doing this to us? They should leave Palestine and get out. Let them go to America or any other big country. We can't take any more suffering. The Jews are merciless. They kill everything mercilessly.'"
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