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Official PA daily prints dramatization of Israeli attack on beach, accusing "murderous" Israeli of intentionally targeting children

On July 16, 2014, four Palestinian boys were killed by an Israeli strike on the beach where they were playing. Calling the incident a “human tragedy,” an Israeli spokesman said intelligence had indicated that a terrorist was on the beach and reaffirmed that Israel does not target children or civilians. Israel is investigating the incident.

Headline: “The massacre of the Bakr ‎family – a wound that will not heal”‎

‎     “The eyes of the murderous occupier, ‎shut in his battleship, observed the ‎scene from up close. He almost ‎exploded with anger. How [dare] these ‎kids of the Bakr family, ten years old at ‎most, be having so much fun and be ‎so genuinely happy on the Gaza ‎beach?! The sight caught his ‎attention and perplexed him. He felt ‎slightly dizzy...

The blood of the occupier, locked ‎inside the battleship, boils, as his ‎racist, virulent thoughts continue to ‎stream to his brain. His anger ‎mounting, he asks himself: ‘Why are ‎these young boys, our enemies, not ‎afraid of us?! [...] His eyes flashing ‎with a strange and frightening light, ‎he quickly fired a shell at them from ‎his battleship – but the shell [missed ‎and] fell near the four children. They ‎were gripped with panic and fear, and ‎quickly ran away, panting heavily, in ‎search of safety – but the occupier did ‎not allow the [children’s] innocence to ‎reach safety, but pursued them with ‎another shell, which turned their soft ‎bodies into remains of limbs scattered ‎on the sands of the Gaza beach. The ‎flash in his eyes grew more intense, ‎and the veins on his neck bulged to a ‎degree that not even the world’s ‎greatest experts, commentators and ‎psychiatrists would be able to explain, ‎understand and treat…”‎