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PA TV reporter in Gaza: "Fireworks" and "celebrations" greet news of Hamas' claimed kidnapping

Official PA TV report from Gaza:‎
Official PA TV host:
“Yesterday, the resistance announced that it had captured an ‎Israeli soldier. How did the people on the street in Gaza receive this news, in light of ‎the disaster in Gaza… how has this news affected the mood on the street in Gaza?”‎
Official PA TV reporter: “Not only the mood on the street in Gaza [has been affected]: ‎The news has affected all Palestinians in all areas, in the West Bank and in the Gaza ‎Strip – meaning: There was widespread joy, a feeling of satisfaction… There was great joy indeed; and there were also [celebratory] shots fired ‎into the sky, as well as fireworks, through which the public expressed its great joy over ‎this achievement, and they hope there will be an additional achievement (i.e., ‎kidnapping).”‎