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Fatah leader: Israel brings "gangs and the world's robbers" to settle in Palestinian cities "Jaffa, Haifa, Safed"

Official PA TV hosted Fatah leader in ‎Gaza Atef Abu Saif
Fatah leader in Gaza Atef Abu Saif: “Our ‎struggle with Israel is a struggle of who is ‎on this land, so Israel destroyed the Gaza ‎airport. Yasser Arafat insisted that there be ‎an airport, because he wanted to tell the ‎entire world that the Palestinian people, ‎against whom you (Israel) formed an ‎alliance in 1948, and whom you attacked ‎with all your decisions and weapons, ‎bringing gangs and the world’s robbers to ‎settle in its cities – Jaffa, Haifa, Safed – ‎‎(sentence left unfinished).”‎

Note: The Yasser Arafat International Airport opened in the Gaza strip in 1998. In response to the second Intifada (PA terror campaign), Israel bombed the airport's radar station and control tower in 2001, after which the airport ceased to operate.