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The Commentator: As seen in PMW video, Hamas "glories in death of Palestinian civilians"

Hamas glories in deaths of Palestinian civilians

Hamas says Palestinian civilians killed in the current Gaza conflict should feel privileged to have died. "He who is Martyred doesn't feel.," Hamas TV has said

As the Palestinian Authority and much of the Arab world condemns Hamas for its alleged disregard for Palestinian lives, Hamas TV has issued an extraordinary broadcast suggesting that Palestinian civilians in Gaza should be grateful for having died in the current round of fighting with Israel.

Watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), reported on Monday that Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV put out a defiant set of statements on Sunday saying the following:

"These people [Gaza civilians killed in war]

- their time had come, and they were martyred.

They have gained [Paradise]...

Don't be disturbed by these images...

He who is Martyred doesn't feel...

His soul has ascended to Allah."

More than 500 Gazans have died in the recent fighting. Arab media and the Palestinian Authority, while criticising Israel, have charged Hamas with engaging in a futile war which can only result in the deaths of civilians. Hamas is widely accused of using Palestinian civilians as human shields.

PMW quoted Hamas TV in the broadcast as saying:

"Every soul has its time. These people - their time had come, and they were Martyred (i.e., Gaza civilians killed in war). They have gained [Paradise].
They have nothing in this world, especially in the Gaza Strip. There's no life in the Gaza Strip. What life can we have in the Gaza Strip? Being with Allah is better.

"Being with Allah is better. What we see is very hard but we won't surrender, Allah willing. The first to say it are the Martyrs' family. The first to say it are the Martyrs' mothers and fathers... Don't be disturbed by these images. He who was killed this way doesn't feel. By Allah, he does not feel. These are not my words, but the words of our beloved Prophet [Muhammad]: He who is Martyred doesn't feel. Only we suffer by these images. By Allah, [the Martyr] doesn't feel. His soul has ascended to Allah.

"His soul is with the Lord. His soul is inside a green bird. He is with Allah now. He is in Paradise. Only we suffer by these images... In other cities, in other countries, thousands die in earthquakes, floods, plane crashes, in ferry or shipwrecks, in natural or unnatural disasters. Thousands die. Thousands die but we don't know what their fate is with Allah. But we [in Gaza] are Martyrs. The enemy has killed us and we are Martyrs."

The report has not yet been covered by the BBC or the New York Times.

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