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Fatah leader: The "Israel Nazi" has "surpassed Hitler's massacres of the ‎nations"

Official PA TV hosted Fatah leader in ‎Gaza Atef‎ Abu Saif ‎ ‎
Fatah leader in Gaza Atef Abu Saif: “I ‎think that Israel, in its barbarity, arrogance, ‎and bloodletting, has surpassed Hitler’s ‎massacres of the nations of the world in ‎World War I [sic.]. I think that by calling ‎Israel Nazi, sadist and fascist for its ‎present actions, we are letting it off ‎lightly… I think that if Hitler would rise ‎from his grave and see the images of Al-‎Shifa Hospital, Shuja’iya, Beit Hanoun, ‎Beit Lahia and Al-Atara (neighborhoods ‎and cities in the Gaza Strip), he would be ‎ashamed.” ‎

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