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Abbas promotes violence quoting Quran: "‎Permission [to fight] has been given to those who ‎are being fought‎"

Abbas' quoting the Quran at the end of this speech - ‎“Permission [to fight] has been given to ‎those who are being fought, because ‎they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is ‎competent to give them victory” - was interpreted by his constituents as a sign to take to the streets. This speech sparked Palestinian rioting in Jerusalem and the West Bank. ‎

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: “We ‎went to the Arab Republic of Egypt and ‎held talks with the President and the ‎relevant Palestinian factions - Hamas ‎and the [Islamic] Jihad. Then we turned ‎to Turkey and Qatar, where we ‎continued working with the leaderships ‎of the two countries and met with brother ‎‎[Hamas leader] Khaled Mashaal in order ‎to end the Israeli aggression and reach a ‎cease fire, and then progress towards ‎ending the siege, opening the [border] ‎crossings, ending all forms of ‎aggression – including honoring fishing ‎rights in the sea – abrogating the so-‎called border separation zones (i.e., ‎buffer zones), [bringing about] the ‎release of the fourth phase of veteran ‎prisoners [arrested before the Oslo ‎Accords] and the [PA] Parliament ‎‎(Legislative Council) members [held in ‎Israeli prisons], acting immediately to ‎bring in humanitarian aid, and holding ‎an international donor conference for ‎the purpose of rebuilding the Gaza ‎Strip.”‎

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas ‎Mahmoud Abbas concluded the speech ‎with a quote from the Quran:
“Permission ‎‎[to fight] has been given to those who ‎are being fought, because they were ‎wronged. And indeed, Allah is ‎competent to give them victory.” [Sura ‎‎22:39, trans. Sahih International]

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