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Hamas falsely accuses Israel of targeting civilians while showing images of its own attack on a schoolbus that killed teen

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |
Al-Aqsa TV host: “Most of the wounded, as ‎well as the Martyrs (Shahids), are children, ‎women and elderly… This gives us ‎evidence of the extent of the Zionist ‎occupation’s crimes, and [proves] that it is ‎attacking civilians directly. [The case is] ‎not, as it claims, that in any war zone ‎civilians are bound to die and collateral ‎damage is bound to be caused to civilians ‎‎– this is true when there are few civilians, ‎or when the number of casualties is small ‎relative to the duration of the war – but an ‎aggression that has led to 650 Martyrs and ‎over 4,000 wounded in 17 days refutes ‎the Zionist version and justifications.”
‎‎[Images of the Hamas 2011 school bus ‎attack, in which Hamas terrorists launched ‎an anti-tank missile at an Israeli school ‎bus, killing 16-year-old Daniel Viflic, are ‎shown in the background.]‎