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Member of PA Parliament: Israel murdered more children than were ‎murdered in the Holocaust

Headline: “Karake: ‘The occupation has ‎murdered more children than were ‎murdered in the Holocaust’”‎
‎“[PA] Parliament (Legislative Council) ‎Member Issa Karake described Israel as a ‎Holocaust state that sanctifies death, ‎loathes peace and coexistence, and is ‎turning into a racist and fascist state in the ‎region… He said that since 1948, Israel ‎has murdered over two million Palestinian ‎children... ‎while the number of Jewish children ‎murdered in the Nazi Holocaust, ‎according to Israel, did not exceed a ‎million and a quarter… In addition, he said ‎that the scenes of massacre in the ‎neighborhood of Shuja’iya reminded the ‎world of the residents of Hiroshima and ‎Nagasaki in World War II, after the atom ‎bombs had been dropped on them.”‎