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Official PA daily: Palestinians have the right to employ "all forms of struggle," "especially armed resistance"

Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, columnist ‎for official PA daily
‎     “There is not a single Palestinian patriot ‎who opposes any form of resistance, ‎especially armed resistance. Firstly, ‎because it is the right of the Palestinian ‎Arab people to employ all forms of struggle ‎until its national goals are realized. ‎Secondly, in 1975, international law (i.e., ‎UN Resolution 3236 of 1974, which ‎reaffirmed the “right of the Palestinian ‎people to regain its rights by all means in ‎accordance with the purposes and ‎principles of the Charter of the United ‎Nations) guaranteed [the right of] ‎Palestinians to employ all forms of ‎struggle. Thirdly, the Israeli occupation ‎and aggression state refuses to accept the ‎option of peace and the two-state solution ‎according to the June 4, 1967 borders, ‎‎[but instead] launches one war after the ‎other, invades and perpetrates the most ‎heinous forms of Holocaust against the ‎Palestinian people in the West Bank, ‎Gaza and the diaspora… In addition, it ‎continues its construction projects in its ‎colonies, through the expropriation and ‎Judaization of lands, rejecting and ‎ignoring international laws and ‎regulations. As long as [this continues,] ‎the Palestinians have the right to defend ‎themselves in all ways guaranteed by ‎international laws and norms.”‎

Note: PA leaders and officials have legitimized ‎Palestinian violence by quoting UN resolution ‎‎3236 which "recognizes the right of the ‎Palestinian people to regain its rights by all ‎means." The PA interprets "all means" as ‎including violence against civilians, but has ‎chosen to ignore the continuation of the ‎resolution which states that the use of "all ‎means" should be "in accordance with the ‎purposes and principles of the Charter of the ‎United Nations..." The UN Charter prohibits ‎targeting civilians, even in war. Chapter 1, ‎Article 1, opens by saying that the "international ‎disputes" should be resolved "by peaceful ‎means."‎