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Fatah official: "The big explosion is coming"

Al-Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)  |

The Al-Mayadeen TV channel (Lebanon) ‎interviewed Fatah Central Committee ‎member Tawfiq Tirawi in the Qalandiya ‎refugee camp, which was the site of a ‎violent demonstration on July 24, 2014.‎Fatah Central Committee member ‎Tawfiq Tirawi: “These are small ‎explosions, which happen occasionally, ‎but the big explosion is on its way. The ‎big explosion is on its way. After the big ‎explosion, no one will know how far it will ‎reach and what results it will have.”‎
Al-Mayadeen TV channel (Lebanon) ‎interviewer: “Is the era of weapons over ‎in the West Bank, or is it really possible – ‎if the affairs in the Gaza Strip continue, ‎and the number of Martyrs (Shahids) ‎continues to rise drastically, as it does ‎each day – that the situation will ‎deteriorate into the big explosion you are ‎talking about, an explosion of weapons ‎against weapons?”‎
Fatah Central Committee member ‎Tawfiq Tirawi: “There might not be ‎weapons against weapons, because the ‎balance of power is unequal. But I can’t ‎promise [anything regarding] our young ‎fighting brothers, who are being ‎murdered and whose homes are being ‎demolished. These fighters may well use ‎all [existing] means. In a case like that of ‎the Palestinians, it is legal to use all ‎means – one will shoot, another will ‎throw a stone, some will hold a ‎demonstration, others will hold a sit-‎down strike. All these means will be ‎possible and permissible for our ‎people, and no one will say that ‎weapons are forbidden in the West ‎Bank.”‎
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