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Abbas advisor calls Hamas' use of terror tunnels "quality operations"

Official PA TV program Palestine This ‎Morning hosted Dr. Sabri Saidam, Deputy ‎Secretary of the Fatah Revolutionary ‎Council and President Mahmoud Abbas’ ‎advisor for communications and ‎information technology :‎
     “For ‎decades, Israel has refrained from ‎announcing its casualties during war in ‎order to avoid harming the morale of its ‎soldiers. We are seeing [things] we ‎haven’t seen in previous wars. We are ‎seeing quality operations of infiltration ‎behind the Israeli occupation’s lines, and ‎tunnels designed for that purpose, as well ‎as quality attacks that have done damage ‎to the Israeli army – so there is a state of ‎embarrassment and confusion. I say, the ‎‎[Israeli] army may well be losing its ‎balance. But perhaps the most annoying ‎thing [for Israel] is the talk about the ‎kidnapped soldier – this is perhaps the ‎most important issue. But even more ‎important was the report yesterday of the ‎airline companies having cancelled their ‎flights to the [Israeli] Lod airport. And this ‎airport – that is, the security system ‎crashed, and the missile battery defending ‎the airport can no longer stop these ‎attacks, since a rocket fell one kilometer ‎from the airport.”‎

Notes: Hamas claimed to have kidnapped soldier ‎Oron Shaul after his Armored Personnel ‎Carrier was destroyed during combat in ‎Gaza on July 17, 2014. Israel has declared ‎that Oron Shaul was 'a soldier killed in ‎action whose burial site is unknown.' ‎
On July 22nd, after a rocket shot by Hamas ‎landed one kilometer away from Ben ‎Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, the American ‎Federal Aviation Administration briefly ‎placed a ban on American airlines flying ‎into and out of Tel Aviv. European airlines ‎suspended flights as well. The ban was ‎lifted the following afternoon.‎

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