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Abbas "gave the sign to let the West Bank street loose"

Op-ed by Muhannad Ubeid
Headline: "
A single Quranic verse ignited the West Bank"
     "Mahmoud Abbas read the situation well. In an implicit way, he fully supports the Egyptian initiative - for it is inconceivable that the West Bank could oppose Egypt... Abbas realized that by staying outside the arena, he would be excluded from the political game. He also knows that the [Palestinian] street in the West Bank is ready for an explosion. Therefore, he gave the sign to let the [Palestinian] street in the West Bank loose. Isn't the Quranic verse he quoted during his last speech, "Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory" [Sura 22:39, trans. Sahih International] a clear sign to loosen the reins on the street?
Furthermore, what is the meaning of Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi's statement regarding the West Bank's need to enter into an armed Intifada? It's been a long time since we heard a member of the Fatah leadership talk about weapons. The West Bank's entrance into the line of confrontation will reshuffle the cards, and the action is still just beginning. Israel will not agree to a third Intifada, and this is precisely what Abbas wants. He wants Israel to knock on his door in order to find a solution."
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