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PA Parliament member calls Israeli army "robotic soldiers from hell‎... more evil and horrible than what happened ‎in the Nazi crematoria"

Op-ed by PA Parliament Member and ‎former PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs ‎Issa Karake
‎“‘Scum.’ This is the word with which the ‎American CNN reporter managed to ‎describe the Israeli barbarity and savagery, ‎and the war crimes [committed] against the ‎residents of the Gaza Strip…‎
Robotic soldiers from hell, burning with ‎extremism‎ like fiery devils, possessed ‎ by the culture of murder and death. ‎Scum is what this Hebrew state is, which ‎tears to shreds the body parts of women ‎and children and commits genocide... ‎Scum is what these [people] are, who ‎brought blood and swords to this land, after ‎having deceived the world as victims of the ‎Holocaust, but who did more ‎evil and more horrifying [things] than what happened in ‎the Nazi crematoria… Scum is what this ‎Hebrew state is, which has become a ‎Holocaust state... It is morally and ‎legally corrupt, and is rapidly advancing ‎toward fascism. It sanctifies death more ‎than life.”‎