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Official PA daily: Israel and the US, the "Tatars and Nazis of our times," dig ditches for Palestinian bodies

Headline: “Woe to the makers of the pit (of ‎fire)” [Sura 85:4, trans. Yusuf Ali] ‎
     ‎“Palestine, the heart of this entire world, is ‎still shrouded in smoke… The degraded ‎savages, the Tatars and Nazis of our ‎times, there is no future unless the ‎‎[Palestinian] nation is destroyed, leaving ‎no survivors except for traitors, fools and ‎those who are submissive. But [should] a ‎nation die in order to allow the murderous ‎criminals to live alongside the traitors and ‎fools, and escape punishment?‎
At the height of the grief and sighs, and ‎surrounded by the tragic killings and the ‎rage of the resistance, the soul seeks ‎meaning and consolation. As if the ‎disasters befalling us in this blessed land ‎would be helping to clarify [what is said in] ‎the Sura of the Constellations [from ‎which the headline was taken]… The ‎scene [described in the Sura] involved ‎the ancient Christian believers, whose ‎story was handed down over the ‎generations… The Quran provides no ‎details about the story, [which] is the ‎summary of a tale about a group of evil ‎men who dug and plowed ditches in the ‎ground, lit raging fires in them and gave ‎the believers a choice between being ‎burned alive and renouncing their faith. ‎Between losing life and losing the ‎meaning of life… In Palestine, they have ‎dug ditch after ditch for us, and the ‎occupiers are still sitting [cf. Sura 85:6: ‎‎“Behold! They sat over against the (fire).” ‎‎(trans. Yusuf Ali)]… There is a struggle ‎‎[going on] between those who carry in ‎their hearts the right [to Palestine], the ‎truth and the [Palestinian] cause, and ‎despised creatures devoid of human ‎feelings, who mock man’s right to life and ‎liberty. They are armed by the US and ‎imperialism, who helped them produce ‎and market weapons, and to obtain ‎nuclear warheads, with full impunity.”‎